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Specializing in Corporate Housing

About Us

At Hideaway Stays, we pride ourselves in partnering with property owners to provide an at-home experience for those on the road. No matter if the client is staying for a work trip, vacation, or just passing through, we want them to feel as if they never left the comforts of their own home.

What We Offer


Guaranteed Rental Income

Whether or not we fill our vacancies, we guarantee that you will receive monthly rental income throughout the duration of our lease. No more worrying about late or missed payments from tenants.



Excellent Home Maintenence

Our cleaning team will ensure that the property is kept in tip-top shape. We also won’t bother you with minor maintenance jobs. Our in-house resources will be more than capable to handle minor repairs. We take extra care in making sure to treat your property as our if it was our own.


No Vacancies

We realize that the process of finding tenants can be stressful. Not to worry though. We employ a strong screening process to thoroughly vet our guests, so that you won’t have to worry about anything.

We also enforce a strict set of rules for guests to follow during their stay (no smoking, no noise after 9pm, no parties, etc.).




Ensuring that your property is kept safe is one of our main priorities. With your permission, we can install measures such as security cameras to ensure that no undesirable behavior occurs on your property. We will also purchase our own renters insurance.


We also realize that your relationships with the neighbors is extremely important, which is why we personally introduce ourselves to them and provide our contact information. We want them know that they can reach out to us at any time if issues arise.

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